Delta Dining Set 6 Seater

331,000,000 ریال


Royal Mobl, Sattari

Delta Dining Set 6 Seater

331,000,000 ریال


Royal Mobl, Sattari
dimensions: طول: 160 | عرض: 90 | ارتفاع: 76 سانتیمتر

6-Seater Delta Dining Set: An Experience of Grandeur and Elegance

The 6-Seater Delta Dining Set from Royal Mebel is a modern masterpiece inspired by the grace and beauty of contemporary design.

Technical Specifications:

  • Style: Modern
  • Chair type: Fully upholstered with high backrest
  • Base material: Beech wood
  • Top material: MDF wood veneer
  • Table dimensions: 1609080 cm
  • Chair dimensions: 454590 cm

Key Features:

  • Modern and Stylish Design: The clean lines and minimalist design of the Delta Dining Set seamlessly blend with both modern and classic decors, creating a timeless and sophisticated ambiance in your dining room.
  • Superior Build Quality: Crafted from premium materials, including high-quality beech wood for the base and durable MDF wood veneer for the tabletop, this dining set guarantees exceptional longevity and resilience, making it a wise investment for your home.
  • Unmatched Comfort and Support: Experience unparalleled comfort during meals with the ergonomically designed chairs featuring plush upholstery and high backrests. The chairs provide excellent support for your back and neck, allowing you to relax and enjoy your dining experience fully.
  • Elegant High Backrests: The high backrests of the chairs offer a sophisticated touch to the overall design while providing additional support for your head and neck, ensuring a comfortable and relaxed dining experience for you and your guests.
  • Exquisite Beauty and Craftsmanship: The Delta Dining Set is a true testament to exquisite craftsmanship. The intricate details, such as the carefully carved patterns on the chairs, add a touch of elegance and luxury to your dining space, making it a conversation starter and a focal point of your home.
  • Versatile Color Options: The dining set is available in a wide range of colors to suit your personal taste and décor preferences. Whether you prefer a classic and timeless look or a bold and vibrant statement piece, you can find the perfect color to complement your existing décor and create a harmonious dining atmosphere.
  • Remarkable Value: The Delta Dining Set offers exceptional value for your investment. It combines stunning aesthetics, exceptional quality, and unmatched comfort at a competitive price, making it an accessible and worthwhile addition to your home.
  • Space Efficiency: The compact size of the 6-Seater Delta Dining Set makes it ideal for apartments and small spaces, allowing you to maximize space utilization without sacrificing style or comfort.


The 6-Seater Delta Dining Set is suitable for various spaces like homes, apartments, restaurants, cafes, and more. This set can add beauty and elegance to your dining area, creating a space that invites conversation and connection.

The 6-Seater Delta Dining Set with its modern and stylish design, superior build quality, unmatched comfort and support, elegant high backrests, exquisite beauty and craftsmanship, versatile color options, remarkable value, and space efficiency is the perfect choice for modern women who appreciate style, comfort, and functionality in their dining space.

See in Augmented Reality:

You can use the sekonj augmented reality to see the 6-Seater Delta Dining Set in your home and place it in your desired space before you buy it.

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