Plan Double Bed

Plan Double Bed

dimensions: طول: 208 | عرض: 238 | ارتفاع: 73 سانتیمتر

A Bed that Embraces Timeless Design

The Plan Platform Bed strikes a balance between modern and classic design elements, ensuring it will seamlessly blend with a variety of design aesthetics. The warm, inviting oak veneer showcases the natural beauty of wood grain, and the polyurethane finish offers a touch of subtle sheen while protecting the wood for years to come. Unlike its platform bed competitors that often feature bulky bases, the Plan Platform Bed boasts a sleek, low-profile silhouette** that creates a sense of spaciousness in your room. This is further enhanced by the absence of a headboard, a design choice that maximizes the feeling of openness and airiness.

Why Choose the Plan Platform Bed?

  • Modern, Sophisticated Design: The Plan Platform Bed's clean lines and warm, natural aesthetic elevate the look and feel of any bedroom.
  • Space-Saving Design: The low-profile platform and integrated shelf create a sense of openness in your room, while maximizing storage solutions.
  • Durable Construction: High-quality oak veneer with a protective polyurethane finish ensures this bed will be a lasting centerpiece in your bedroom for years to come.
  • Functional Design: The integrated shelf provides a convenient and stylish solution for storing bedtime essentials, eliminating the need for a bulky nightstand.

The difference between a plan double bed and other beds:

Personalized design: the plan double bed, with no crown, has a unique and eye-catching appearance that distinguishes it from other beds on the market.

Functional shelf: The shelf built into the bed provides a space to store the necessary items before going to sleep, books, magazines, mobile phones, etc., and eliminates the need for a bedside table.

High construction quality: The plan double bed is made of high-quality raw materials with all precision and elegance, and hence, it has a long life and lasting beauty.

See in Augmented Reality:

You can use the sekonj augmented reality to see the Plan Double Bed in your home and place it in your desired space before you buy it.

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